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Dive into the transcendental realm of live DJing with Spench & Sagmoniakki.

As sonic architects, we sculpt immersive journeys, seamlessly blending hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies.

From pulsating basslines to euphoric highs, our live sets are a cosmic dancefloor experience, ensuring an unforgettable fusion of beats and energy.


Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of psytrance composition.

Crafting hypnotic beats, pulsating basslines, and ethereal melodies, our approach at Anoia is an artful blend of creativity and precision.

With each track, we transport listeners to a transcendent realm, where rhythm and synthesis converge in a mesmerizing sonic experience.


Plugins revolutionize music production, offering virtual instruments and effects that elevate creativity.

From synthesizers shaping unique sounds to dynamic effects enhancing sonic landscapes, plugins are essential tools for producers.

Whether crafting beats, melodies, or experimental textures, these digital assets empower musicians, enriching the world of sound with endless possibilities.

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Featured Services

Mastering Services

During the mastering process, our engineer carefully listens to your music and makes adjustments to the frequency balance, dynamics, stereo image, and overall tonal quality.

We may also address any issues related to volume levels, ensuring that your tracks have a consistent loudness and are suitable for different playback systems.

Mixing Services

During the mixing process, our engineer takes the individual tracks or stems of a song, such as vocals, instruments, and effects, and combines them together in a way that enhances the overall sound quality, clarity, and impact.

We use various techniques and tools, such as equalization, compression, panning, and effects processing, to shape the individual elements and create a balanced and immersive stereo or surround sound mix.

Ghost Producer

As a shadow producer we typically collaborates with artists who may not have the technical skills or resources to produce their own music, or those who prefer to focus solely on their performance or vocal abilities.

We bring our expertise in music production, arrangement, sound design, and mixing to help shape the artist’s vision and create a high-quality final product.