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When two Souls become One!


They embody a fresh vibe, presenting themselves as a Hieros gamos couple. When divided, one artist transforms into the creative force of two, known as Spench & Sagmoniakki. Both share a history in the psytrance scene at various levels, now uniting as a dynamic duo frequently engaging in back to back performances at their commando desk. Originating as a hobby, their project has rapidly evolved into a formidable artistic partnership with a purpose.

Aligned in BPM, tunes, and tones within the ‘Circle Of Fifth,’ they create a butterfly effect where controlled chaos harmonizes, allowing the audience to filter out decompressed emotional traumas from past generations. The interplay of hysterical female energy thriving on confident masculine energy becomes the common third element between two lovers.

Recognizing neglected feminine and masculine energies due to animalistic trends through the ages, Spenchmoniakki sees life evolving, with generations seeking a higher purpose through love from the all known creator. Their hope is that more individuals will experience the blessed status of Hieros gamos, a sacred marriage akin to their own.

Their mission revolves around spreading energetic knowledge through fast BPM and frequencies.

The catalyst for their mission was the numerous misunderstandings of love and intimacy they encountered, leading them to reject the notion that sharing one’s skin-suit with others is a compromise. This unconventional yet trendy couple aims to share harmonic love and knowledge through their music with the children of the One Creator—an entity of many names hidden within the melodies.

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