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VST3 Plugins

VST3 (Virtual Studio Technology), is a plugin standard created by Steinberg – a German musical software and hardware company.

VST3 is an extension of the earlier VST and VST2 formats. These plugins are used in digital audio workstations (DAWs) to integrate virtual instruments and effects into the music production process.

The new technology offers several improvements and features over its predecessors, including enhanced MIDI capabilities, support for sample-accurate automation, improved side-chaining, and better handling of multi-channel audio.

It also provides improved compatibility with modern computer architectures and operating systems.

These plugins typically have a .vst3 file extension and can be used in various DAWs that support the new standard.

Popular DAWs such as Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio 21 and many others support these plugins, allowing users to expand their creative possibilities with a wide range of virtual instruments and audio processing effects.

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