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At 150-155 BPM, Djane Sagmoniakki, known as ‘A Space Invader,’ . In her younger years she found solace on the dancefloor, using it as her personal sanctuary to find Zen.

When words failed her or emotions ran deep, music was her silent confidant, and the dancefloor, her trusted partner in crime. It was here that the enchanting rhythm of magic first unfolded.

Sagmoniakki now brings to life what she once learned through harmonic mixing. By reshaping sounds and reconfiguring the recognition systems in your mind, she invites you to experience a holistic-umami journey—an endeavor that defines her mission.

With skill and a unique knack for recognizing tracks that perfectly align with her funky vibe, she always delivers a profound message.

She masterfully blends a diverse range of electronic music genres, weaving intricate expressions that will undoubtedly set your feet in motion when she takes control of the decks.

She also collaborates on Spenchmoniakki Project alongside her husband.

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