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While Spench may be a hidden gem known to only a few, his creations resonate globally through the hands of numerous artists who utilize his work in samples, VSTs, and more.

His musical journey is extensive, dating back to 1998, where he has been a stalwart in the Psychedelic scene. His unparalleled knowledge is indispensable to the psychedelic landscape, shaping it with expertise.

Operating seamlessly within the BPM range of 140-180, His performances as DJ-Spench are a unique and skillful experience, characterized by a continuous flow and minimal breaks.

Beyond his DJ prowess, he is a versatile music producer, specializing in Twilight, Nighttime, and Hi-tech genres. In his production process, he melds acoustic instruments and vocals, infusing an original touch into the electronic soundscape.

He is synonymous with Kick & Bass, but his prowess extends beyond. His Leads guide listeners to unexplored frequencies, creating an immersive experience.

A true artisan, his background as a Programmer and 3D Artist, coupled with extensive knowledge of electronic equipment, manifests in his passion for showcasing music through his synesthesia.

As a producer, DJ, and mentor, he shares insights on reaching the next level in the art of DJing and music production.




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